Oxygen 2021 Movie Subtitle Download

The first half of the movie explains the the major part of the film as it unfolds the story and here the victim has to ask correct questions to get out of a cryogenic chamber where she got out of no where as she has no memory of it also her memories got jumbled which added more to her ambiguity. All she has to her disposal is a computer, MILO who can’t think of her own and doesn’t have problem solving ability to which has to ask right questions in order to get answers and then eventually figure out what exactly the mystery is.

The fun fact about the movie is that it reveals all the secrets and has concrete answers to al the questions by the end of the film. and the title justifies itself as well as she has to figure things out as early as she can before her oxygen runs out.

this movie gives chills to the viewers and on the other hand this movie is a totally new concept to the world of Sci-fi movies so far.

Movie NameOxygen
Released Year2021
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Aayushi

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