Stranger Things Season 2 2017 English Subtitle Download

This season brings in excitement and nail biting scenarios as well as making us having jump scares with the mind flayer and the demogorgon. Beginning from Mind Flayer to the long- awaited kiss the favorite children of Hawkins bring it all.

this season introduces a new monster that is the Mind Flayer, or the Shadow Monster. This time the monster is more like a spider figured without throwing webs. this Mind Flayer takes up Will’s body and uses it a vessel or brain to connect to the real world from the upside down. Through Eleven was able to seal the gate of upside down by captivating the Shadow Monster and the demogorgons and Will was able to release the Mind Flayer from his body with the help of Mike, his brother and his mother.

One thing that season one disappointed us with, was making us believe that El was dead but in this season it is revealed that she is not and has ended up living with Hopper to safeguard herself from the government. A new kid Maxine is also introduced in this season and to the boys gang over whom Dustin and Lucas are fighting to impress her. Her hot-yet-psycho brother Billy also becomes a part of Hawkins. Eleven gets to know that Papa is alive and so is her biological mother.

Movie Name Stranger Things Season 2
Release Year2017
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Aayushi

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