Persuasion 2022 English Subtitle Download

When a Napolean war hero returns with a prize money and a social acceptability of naval rank this story talks about a second chance given to this naval man to awaken the love between him and Anne Elliot. After eight years of persuading not to marry they give it another chance.

An adaptation of one of the greatest novels of Jane Austen “Persuasion” covers almost every aspect of the novel including the ending. When Anne finds the letter Wentworth wrote her and reads it. one of the most romantic letters of literature, the most fascinating part is that they were not at all changed in the movie they used the exact same wordings.

The main idea behind this movie was the issues of class rigidity and social mobility. Options are influenced by the characters’ status and class and how marriage is influenced by such factors. The major aim is to make an effective argument and to persuade its audience to accept a new belief and behavior.

Movie NamePersuasion
Release Year2022
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Aayushi

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