From the Heart (2020) English Subtitle SRT

From your heart is an American romance movie. Kathy is successful New York Times bestselling author. She is a city girl at heart and lives with her boyfriend, who stars at a reality show. To settle her father’s will she returns back to the Amish community, where she spent the past 18 years of her life. She meets her sister Miriam who is almost resentful towards her and blames her for leaving the family. She reunites with her old love Issaac who now has a daughter and owns an inn. Their love never faded away even after all these years, and they start to pursue each other. She falls not only falls in love with Issaac but also with her close-knit community and the Amish lifestyle. Kathy is now stuck in a dilemma whether to return back to the city or stay back and restart her unfinished romance.

From your heart was released in 2020 and can be streamed on Netflix. It is a lighthearted movie with emphasis on community and childhood love. It is a must watch for your perfect weekend binge.

Movie NameFrom the heart
Release Year2020
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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