Fault in Our Stars (2014) English Subtitle SRT

Fault in Our Stars is an American coming of age movie adapted from the book of same name by John Green. Hazel a 16-year-old cancer patient suffering from thyroid cancer is forced by her mother to attend a support group. She meets Augustus there, who is there is support his friend Issaac suffering from eye cancer. They fall in love with each other and bond over their disease and interest in books.

The storyline revolves around love, loss and living the present to the fullest despite not seeing a future. Fault in Our Stars is released in 2014 can be streamed on Netflix. With is stunning locations and amazing chemistry between the leads, it is definitely a must watch. It will make you cry, laugh, root for the main characters and encourage you to live in the present.

Movie NameFault in Our Stars
Release Year2014
File Type.srt
Subtitle Language English
Author: Honey Ngangom

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