I, Tonya (2018) English Subtitle SRT

I, Tonya is a biopic based on an American figure skater Tonya Harding. It is a depiction of her rise to fame as a figure skater, her upbringing by an abusive mother and her fair share of toxic relationships. She grew up without a father figure under the watchful eye of her abusive mother, who choose physical violence as form of love. After moving out she begins another abusive relationship with a man, getting stuck into a loop of unhealthy entanglements. Despite these shortcomings she was resilient in the face of life, becoming the first women to land the triple axel in 1991 Nationals

It beautifully depicts the need to separate our personal life from career. Her fall from fame was due to her flawed and problematic relationships, which she could not escape from. This movie isn’t just a biopic but embodies the real life of Tonya. She will always be a fighter and deep down she is a little girl who craves for real love.

I, Tonya was released in 2018 and can be streamed on Netflix. It is a perfect movie for a binge-watching session, with its beautiful depiction of human nature, trauma and abuse in relationships.

Movie NameI, Tonya
Release Year2018
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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