July 19, 2024

Uncharted 2022 English Subtitle Download

Two orphan brothers namely Sam and Nathan Drake are captivated by the security of the museum while trying to steal the first map that was made after the Magellan Expedition. The orphanage kicks Sam out. Before he leaves, Sam promises his return to Nate, and leaves him a ring with an inscription. Fifteen years later Nate works as a bartender in New York City and also pickpockets wealthy patrons. Meanwhile, Nate stops receiving postcards from Sam and he agrees to find him along with Sully. In this expedition, they lead to an auction where they steal a golden cross, linked to Magellan Crew.

In their search for Sam, they travel to Barcelona where they meet Chloe the way who has another cross. In Barcelona, the treasure is supposedly hidden. Nate, Chloe, and Sully follow clues in Elcano city only to find a secret crypt behind the altar. looking like a trap they still open it and the crypt floods with water. Using their two crosses Nate and Chloe opens a secret passage. The passage shows a map indicating that the treasure is in Phillipines. Chloe ditches Nate and continues the treasure hunt. She also hints that Sully is keeping a secret about Sam.

Sully eventually recovers Nate and tells him the secret about Sam and how he was killed by Braddock three years ago. Nate and Sully board a plane where Nate confronts him which startles a battle again.

Movie NameUncharted
Released onFeb 10, 2022
Duration1h 56m
Download Uncharted 2022 English Subtitle Download

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