July 19, 2024

The In Between (2022) English Subtitles Download

The protagonist of the movie, a supernatural love story, is a teenage girl named Tessa (Joey King), who feels unworthy of her own love story because she spent most of her life moving between foster homes. After she meets Skylar (Kyle Allen), a senior from a nearby town who is a true romantic, by fate, everything changes. As her heart is starting to open, tragedy comes as Skylar dies in a car accident but Tessa lives. Tessa quickly comes to the conclusion that Skylar is seeking to re-connect with her from the afterlife as she looks for explanations in the wake of the accident. Tessa makes one final attempt to get in touch with Skylar in order to give their love story the dramatic conclusion it deserves, with the aid of her best friend and a newly discovered belief that love never dies.

Arie Posin, Marc Klein, Joey King, and Kyle Allen feature in the 2022 American science fiction romance film The In Between.

Movie NameThe In Between
Release Year2022
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish

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