July 19, 2024

 Cocaine Bear (2023) English Subtitle SRT

Movie released as Crazy Bear in some countries is about an American black bear that ingested around 75 lb (34 Kg) of a lost cocaine by a smuggler. The movie is inspired by the true story.

A drug smuggler in 1985 drops a shipment of cocaine from his plane. but due to a mis-happening he loses his life on the way down through the parachute. Directors have taken various creative liberties in the movie as in real life the bear did not kill anyone after consuming cocaine. the movie could essentially be seen as bear’s revenge story.

Before the film was even released the story went viral on social media. which was due to the appeal of man versus nature wherein the movie shows some sympathy.

Movie Name Cocaine Bear
Release Year2023
File Type .srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish

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