Work It (2020) English Subtitle SRT

Work is an American dance comedy movie. Quinn is a senior in high school who lives with her single mother. She works as a technical director for Thunderbird, her high school’s dance team. But she was fired from her job due to some technical issues that ruined a performance. She has dreamed to attend Duke University since a kid, she was heartbroken when her application was rejected. In a moment of desperation she lied, claiming to be a dancer at Thunderbird. Intrigued by this Ramirez the admission officer, wants to see her perform at the Work it annual dance competition. A confused Quinn seeks the help of her best friend Jasmine to teach her dancing. This movie is about high students from different backgrounds who unite to win the Work it dance competition.

Work it was released in 2020 and can be streamed on Netflix. It is a coming-of-age movie about deep rooted friendships and conquering one’s goals in life. It is a perfect movie to watch for your weekend binges.

Movie NameWork it
Release Year2020
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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