Unsane (2018) English Subtitles SRT

Unsane is an American psychological thriller movie. Sawyer works at her regular desk job and tries to move on from her horrific past. She moves away from Boston after escaping her creepy stalker but finds too difficult to start afresh. After an unpleasant encounter a date, she goes to see a therapist. She is forcefully admitted in a psychiatric ward after being tricked to sign a 24-hour voluntary retention form. Her world comes crashing when she finds out her stalker David working in the same psychiatric ward. Is she starting to lose her sanity or is it really David. She befriends another patient Nate with whom she plans her escape. The police can’t do anything to help her, and her mother is forced to watch her daughter suffer silently. This movie portrays the feeling of paranoia and always being watched by someone

Unsane was released in 2018 and can be streamed on Netflix.

Movie NameUnsane
Release Year2018
File type.srt
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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