June 22, 2024

Sex Education (2019) English Subtitle SRT

Sex Education is an ongoing British comedy drama series created for Netflix. It follows the lives of students, parents and staffs of a fictional Moordale secondary school. As they are faced with their personal conflicts and problems related to sexual intimacy. Eric and Adam were never supposed to meet, by a twist of fate both their lives intersected. They have an instant chemistry and unforeseen magic. There is another boy who is struggling to except his sexuality while dealing with an abusive relationship with her father. On the other hand, there is another person who is open and fearless about their identity. They help each other deals with their problems while trying to accept each other.

Sex education was released in 2019 and can be streamed on Netflix. This show is a refreshing take on acceptance, sexuality and friendships, making it a must watch.

Movie NameSex education
Release Year2019
File type.srt
Subtitle languageEnglish

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