The Summer I turned Pretty (2022) English Subtitle SRT

Belly has always had a crush on her friend Conrad since childhood. Their relationship evolves making swift transition from friends who support one another to lovers. This isn’t just a simple romantic drama but shows us the multitudes of hurdles as their relationship progresses. This show is a perfect example that love itself isn’t dynamic and changes over time, sometimes becomes stronger and other times not enough to hold two people together. They part ways after realizing their relationship not working out.

Belly starts dating Conrad’s brother Jeremiah, but their relationship doesn’t work out. Belly and Conrad despite breaking up share a special bond, they write letters to one another throughout college. Despite the dynamics changing over time, their love for each other is constant. From friends to lovers to parting ways they have grown up between these phases and transitioned to adulthood.

The summer I turned pretty is a book adaptation released into a series in 2022. It is a coming-of-age show about Belly’s transformation from a shy girl into an independent person and her relationships

Movie nameThe summer I turned pretty
Release year2022
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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