The hating game (2021) English Subtitle SRT

Josh and Lucy are coworkers forced to work in the same company, after their respective publishing houses merged. They contradict each other and are the total opposites in every aspect. Soon a rivalry ensues between them after they fight for the same promotion. They make a bet, whoever loses will leave the company.

The coming days they become extremely attracted to one another even share a kiss. They open up to one another about their problems, Josh has a strained relationship with his father for dropping out of med school. Their relationship evolves from rivals to friends to lovers over time. They realize their love when Josh resigns from the company to pursue a romantic relationship with Lucy. Despite their differences and misunderstandings their love is constant

The hating game is adapted from a book by the same name and can be streamed on Netflix. It is a romantic comedy movie released in 2021.

Movie NameThe hating game
Release year2021
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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