Be Yourself (2021) English Subtitle SRT

Be yourself is a feel-good type of Chinese drama. It centers around the lives of four different college girls, journey of their personal growths and everlasting friendship. Xia Lang is extremely tomboyish and logical; she learns to tune in with her softer feminine side and discovers new aspects about her personality. Fan Xiao Yu hails from a wealthy family and praised for her beauty. She is extremely careful to abide her family values and is often seen as very bold and uptight from the outside, but deep down she wishes to break free and follow her own path in life. Huang Min is reliant on others and shy’s away from taking accountability, she discovers independence for the first time in her new journey. Yang Jia seems put together and way mature than her peers, but deep down she never learned to express herself.

Four very different people with their own battles in life support one another in the journey towards adulthood. It is extremely relatable with strong characters and raw emotions. It takes us to a journey of transformation from the chaos, challenges and adversity one faces in their youth. The title Be Yourself does justice to the movie, since it is about finding oneself in the journey of life.

Be Yourself was released in 2021 can be streamed on YouTube

Movie NameBe yourself
Release Year2021
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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