The black phone (2021) English Subtitles SRT

The black phone is an American horror movie. It is an American horror movie that will surely leave you petrified. The suburb of Denver is terrorized by a mystery kidnapper also called ‘the Grabber’. Siblings Finney and Gwen are bullied at school and live with an abusive alcoholic father. Finney’s classmates slowly disappear one by one under mysterious circumstances, until he is the only one left. After school Finney encounters a man dressed in a clown costume, he snatches Finney inside his black van. He tries to escape the man with the help of a black telephone inside the room through which he communicates with the dead boys who suffered the wrath of the killer and her sister’s supernatural abilities to see things in her dreams. The grabber is a sadistic killer who disciplines boys for being ‘naughty’. He plays deadly mind games and torments the kidnapped boys, as a form of torture. Will Finney be able to escape his wrath?

The black phone was released in 2022 and can be streamed on Netflix

Movie nameThe black phone
Release year2022
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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