Road to Perdition (2002) English Subtitle SRT

Road to Perdition is an American movie about the road of crime. Set in the 1931 Great Depression, it follows the lives of a father son duo who are all set to seek vengeance against a mobster who massacred their entire family. It explores various themes such as redemption, facing consequence of one’s actions, filial relationships. bloodthirsty ambitions, conflicted loyalty and water as concept linked to death.

Michael Sullivan regardless of being a good father and husband finds himself trapped in a world of violence and murder, he bears his duty of being a father and shields his son relentlessly. This movie depicts the effect of our actions on the lives of our loved ones. Released in 2002 it can be streamed on Disney Hot star; it is a classic gangster movie you should not miss out.

Movie NameRoad to Perdition
Release Date2002
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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