Ticket to Paradise (2022) English Subtitle SRT

Ticket to paradise is an American comedy drama movie, staring the iconic duo: Julia Roberts and George Clooney. David and Georgia are a divorced couple who loathe each other’s existence, they still regret about their failed marriage 20 years ago. Lily their daughter recently graduated law school and plans a trip to Bali to celebrate her graduation. During her Bali trip she falls in love with Gede, who is a seaweed farmer. In no time both start a blissful romance and decide to get married, just few days after their encounter. David and Georgia are against this decision as they do not want her making the same decision, they did 20 years ago.

The couple reunites and start plotting to sabotage the marriage. In this process the couple becomes closer and start to rekindle an unexpected romance. This movie is a perfect mixture of comedy, happy tears and romance, because love never gets old. Ticket to paradise was released in 2022 and can be streamed on Netflix.

Movie NameTicket to paradise
Release Year2022
File type.srt
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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