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An Interpol agent is in hunt of worlds most wanted art thief. Red notice is “an international wanted persons notice, but it is not an arrest warrant”.

In the 1990s, this story gave Browder’s career a hedge and he was headed as one of the largest investment funds in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and later on was expelled from Russia due to some corruption found in in the companies he invested in. In the films opening sequence, Hartely catches Booth who is trying to steal one of the eggs, which eventually tied a knot between them as best buddies throughout the film. One being the muscle guy and other fast talker.

Red notice ends with a twist that reveals that whom we were considering to be the hero of the film was actually the main villain instead. This happens after they escaped stealing one of Cleopatra’s eggs, but after Booth is shipped to prison, Interpol discovers that the recovered egg is now missing. This movie does not have any post-credit scenes, however, the movie ends with the three leading characters begiunging a life of three thief job.

Movie NameRed Notice
Release Year2021
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
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