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People who were failing in their life due to multiple reasons now had reason to fight back when they suddenly received a mysterious invitation to participate in a game where they needed to survive till the end to win more than 30 million US dollars. The participants are locked up on an isolated island until a winner is decided.

Survival in this game literally means surviving alive till the end. This series has a backstory relating back to a violent clash between Ssangyong and 1,000 employees who were laid off in 2009, these striking workers stood a strong alliance of the private security forces and Korean police for about 77 days.

Gi-hun, the old cuddly and sweet man, who appears to be alive and the whole mastermind behind the plan, tricks out his marbles. They dispose of the dead bodies of the contestants in a big incinerator after placing them in a black casket with a pink bow on it. This deadly series keeps us hooked till the end to know the winner of the game and to know the mastermind behind this whole game.

The protagonist of the series along with other participants is knee-deep in debt, Gi-hun uses the money to fulfill his habit of betting and losing all of it eventually. However, a night at the subway station changed everything for him.

Movie Name Squid Game Season 1
Release Year2021
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish, Malayalam
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