July 19, 2024

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl 2022 English Subtitle Download

A documentary about a sensational singer Shania Twain her struggles and the risks she took in her life. It also shows how she gained fame with her album “Come On Over” 20 million copies of which were sold worldwide. Apart from this famous and glamourous life of hers the documentary also covers her private life and her battle with Lyme disease. The most attention-grabbing part of this documentary was her divorce from her ex-husband. After dating for six months and working together professionally she got married to him in 1993. who have a 20-year-old son together whom she raised in Switzerland.

This documentary described the pain of losing her husband, also she married Frederic Thiebaud later in Switzerland in 2011. Shania was suffering from damaged vocal cords due to her Lyme disease.

A must-watch documentary of a self-made singer and her thoughts through life which she gracefully overcame, gives us the motivation to chase our dreams and never give up on life.

Movie NameShania Twain: Not Just a Girl
Release Year2022
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish

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