Notting Hill (1999) English Subtitles SRT

This is a romantic comedy, portraying the lives of two completely different from very different lives. Anna Todd is a high-profile actress who leads a life full of glamour and high-end parties, whereas William Thacker is a local bookstore owner and leads a rather mundane life. By a twist in fate both of them ends up falling in love, despite their very different social statuses. However, Anna’s fame acts as a barrier and leaves them feeling hurt and insecure. It clouds William’s view of her and causes him to take a step back in order to protect himself. The film is highly successful in its motive and has a calming effect to it. It features simple yet stunning visual contrasts. The characters are real and make the viewer feel a part of the family, all of which add to the comforting feel of the film.

Notting Hill was released in 1999, it can be streamed on Netflix. This is a classic feel-good type of rom com that will make you believe in love again

Movie NameNotting Hill
Release Year1999
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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