July 19, 2024

Love Hard (2021) English Subtitle SRT

Natalie is a LA based journalist who works at a news agency. She is a hopeless romantic at heart and wishes to find love just like in the movies. Her whole world changes after she swipes right on the dreamiest guy named Tag from the East Coast on a dating app. This mystery man ticks off all the points from her checklist, she thinks she’s finally found the one. By taking a leap of faith she decides to fly over to his town and surprise him for the Holidays. Only to find out that she has been catfished by someone who is totally the opposite of Tag. His named is Josh who is an old friend of Tag and is equally unlucky at finding love

Natalie is surprised by this revelation, but Josh strikes up a deal to help Tag fall in love with her. Both starts plotting ways for their plan to work and in this process a heartwarming friendship evolves between the two. This movie is above cherishing unexpected friendships, quest to find true love and holiday spirits. It is a comedy romance drama that will leave you rooting for the leads in one moment and laughing for heart out, the next moment. It is a perfect movie to binge watch for the Holidays.

Movie NameLove Hard
Release year2021
File type.srt
Subtitle languageEnglish

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