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Aging brings in a lot of changes be it physical or psychological the protagonist of this movie also goes through such changes however taking it to extremes he refuses any help from her own daughter let alone anybody else struggling in making sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt everyone around him. manipulate his own mind and reality. Man misses his other daughter Lucy and complaints that she doesn’t visit anymore unaware of the truth about her. The Father is about dementia presented from the perspective of the person suffering from it.  a heartbreaking movie puts you in the shoes of a man whose life is deteriorating. An adaptation of Florian Zeller’s play this movie bought an Oscar award to Anthony Hopkins for his performance.  Anthony refuses to accept that he has memory problems later he finds himself in different situations which are actually his memory flashbacks. His presence also causes problems between his daughter Anne and her husband’s life leading Paul to slap him in frustration. Anthony eventually breaks into tears trying to understand what is happening to him as he is not able to understand anything also on the disappearance of Anne. He says he wants his mother and he is losing his leaves, the branches, the wind, and the rain.”

Movie Name The Father
Release Year 2020
File Type .srt
Subtitle Language English

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