Lightyear 2022 English Subtitle Download

The new Lightyear movie is a computer animated science fiction which talks about the most loved character of Toy Story fans, having started a new intergalactic adventure with his most talented new friends who still need to learn teamwork and they do learn it through the end of the movie trying to tackle the toughest mission to escape Zurg and his robots.

The movie represents Chris Evans as Buzz who is a famous Space Ranger.Toy Story somehow connects with Lightyear to some extend however it made the viewers insane finding out the spin-off therefore it stands apart from the Toy Story franchise not claiming it to be a reboot or a prequel. some Toy Story fans may believe that the antagonist of the movie, Zurg is the father of Buzz but this movie in an alternate dimension explains it all stating that Zurg is actually an older version of Buzz himself. This itself is the biggest twist in the story when Buzz while fighting with Zurg sees himself under the helmet.

Buzz tries to fit in with the customs of the strange planet he has landed on by freezing himself when giants are around which the inhabitants actually do to protect themselves which Buzz later realizes. the director of the film is Angus MacLane. the movie also gives a hope of a sequel in the end when Buzz and his comrades along with their brand new upgraded armors get ready for a new adventure. Izzy, Mo, Darcy, and Sox have a new motto, “To infinity and Beyond”

Movie NameLightyear
Release Year2022
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
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