July 19, 2024

Day Shift 2022 English Subtitle Download

In order to cater to her daughter’s needs, this hardworking man starts a front job of cleaning the pool on the side of his actual job of hunting and killing vampires. It is an action-packed comedy which begins with a middle class working man. The shooting of the movie was made magical in the setting of San Fernando Valley. If you like action comedy genre then this fix is for you. Jamie Foxx is great and all characters are well placed.

One of the unique trades of vampire hunter cum pool cleaner who stars as “Bud Jablonski”. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait in the movie was a call back to the film “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”. It is not revealed how BJ survives in the end but instead of using a regular bomb, he uses a UV bomb which kills the sun-allergic vampires. An unpretentious, light, and amusing movie with a horror kick is a must-watch. A Mexican-American vampire is several centuries old but still looks fabulous in the suit and has a power-packed back. He is buying homes and curating a conspiracy in order to create homes for bloodsuckers and create a homeland for them.

Movie NameDay Shift
Release Year 2022
File Type.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish

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