June 22, 2024

You (2018) English Subtitles SRT

Joe seems like your normal guy; he owns a bookstore and leads a seemingly mundane life. But behind closed doors he is a serial killer with a dark past. He becomes immediately infatuated by Guinevere Beck who is an aspiring writer. This cute, harmless crush slowly develops into a toxic obsession. He starts stalking her by using technology and watches her when she’s at home. This extreme obsession turns into homicidal rage after he tries to eliminate the obstacles in his romance, including her friends and ex boyfriends.

You is an American psychological thriller with 3 seasons released up to date. Each season stares Joe with his new potential love interests and his extreme levels of infatuation he slowly starts developing. This show is about a serial killer and his sinister tendencies, it does a great job by taking the audience inside the mind of a killer.

Movie NameYou
Release year2018-
File type.srt
Subtitle languageEnglish

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