Money Heist Season 2 (La Casa De Papel) 2017 English Subtitle Download

The police find the hiding place of the professor where he plans everything, Berlin and Tokyo are fighting about how to proceed. After revealing a long-held secret, Moscow loses his son’s trust. At the end of 128 hours of keeping hostages printing bills and all the hustle finally brings joy as the robbers are able to escape the Royal Mint with 985 Million Euros. But at the cost of the lives of Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow.

One year after the heist Raquel finds a series of posts that lead her to the professor where she reunites with him rekindling their love for each other. Over the period of time, the character of Tokyo didn’t evolve as much in season 2 as she leaves the Royal Mint of Spain after aggravating and challenging Berlin by putting the heist in jeopardy risking everybody’s life.

Season 2 provides an insight into the relationship of two brothers professor and Berlin and how they passionately carried out their father’s dream together and also the backstory of Berlin’s son Rafael who adds up to the most unexpected plot twist to the story.

Series NameMoney Heist Season 2
Released On16 October 2017
Duration70 minutes
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