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Gautam Mehra, is a hysterical brat who will cause trouble if the girl he is chasing rejects him. Aarvi, a young singer who has created a music video on Gautam’s crimes, is his most recent muse. Aarvi’s ascent on stage is plotted by Gautam, but one day she vanishes. The blame for it is pinned Gautam. A love-driven action drama begins as Bhairav, a taxi driver, circumstantialy enters the scene and links Aarvi, Gautam, and him to a string of killings. Due to his one-sided passion for Rashika, Bhairav has psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder. He kills almost a dozen women as a result of the condition. He only pursues women who end relationships with men quickly. The main question in the story is whether Gautam will be able to preserve the life of his ladylove.

A spiritual sequel to his 2014 film Ek Villain, Ek Villain Returns is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller written and directed by Mohit Suri. Tara Sutaria, Disha Patani, John Abraham, and Arjun Kapoor all appear in it.

Movie Name Ek Villian Returns
Release Year2022
File Type.srt
Subtitles LanguageEnglish
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