Clueless (1995) English Subtitles SRT

Clueless is funny and lighthearted. It portrays the dilemma of every teen who is trying to figure out life and pokes fun at the process of growing up. Just as the name of the movie ‘clueless’ it is a depiction of how clueless each of us can truly be. We often find ourselves lost in our own bubble, overlooking the existence of everyone else. Our protagonist Cher is a spoiled sophisticated brat from an affluent family in Beverly hills, who was enveloped in her own world not truly concerned with much else beyond it. She makes an effort to extend her periphery and involve herself in others’ lives. The movie very subtly encourages growth and change in teenagers and humans altogether, it shows how even an oblivious teenager like Cher goes on the path of self-assessment and is willing to change, grow and become better

Clueless released on 4th October can be streamed on Amazon Prime. It is a classic must watch rom com.

Movie NameClueless
Release Year1995
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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