July 19, 2024

Chemical Hearts (2020) English Subtitle SRT

Chemical Hearts is a teen romance drama adapted from the book Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. It revolves around the life of Grace who is a hopeless romantic, reads Pablo Neruda, aspires to be a writer and dresses in baggy clothes. Her life drastically changes after a car accident, where she survives but her boyfriend doesn’t. She lives to forever carry on the trauma, survivor’s guilt and is left disabled. Grace meets Henry, both share a complicated relationship and bond over shared trauma.

This show isn’t about forgetting ones past and moving on but discovers the myriad layers of pain and trauma that is associated with the process of healing. This film won’t shred your heart into pieces but mend parts you never knew existed inside of you. Chemical Hearts released in 2020 starring Austin Abrams and Lili Reinhart by Amazon studios. It explores the journey of life, love and pangs of loss one encounters in life. Making it binge worthy and highly recommended.

Movie NameChemical Hearts
Release Year2020
File Name.srt
Subtitle LanguageEnglish

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