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A Scottish patriot’s love got slaughtered, leading him to revolt against the English, which eventually turned into a war with his army threatening King Edward I’s throne. Braveheart captures human emotions at an extended level from suffering to love and courage, shedding light on political aspects and socio-hierarchal analysis. Everything in the movie was based on true historical facts majorly the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 resulted in Scotland winning its independence. some aspects are there for cinematic effect apart from that general content of the movie is historically correct. The director has chosen carefully the character of knight William Wallace who empathises history over romance. you will find various Christian elements in the movie including sexual elements and gore torture. Scottish people win over their independence and the movie ends with Wallace narrating the story of The Battle of Bannockburn after he was hung and emasculated while still alive leading him to horrifying execution and later death. this climax is quite similar to that of Longshanks on his deathbed. the movie casts a variety of amazing actors including Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Catherine McCormack as Murron and later won multiple Academy Awards for best Picture, cinematography, direction, sound effects editing. Critics praised the battle Scenes which were massively scaled and extravagantly violent battle scenes.

Movie Name Braveheart
Release Year 1995
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Subtitle Language English

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