Brave (2012) English Subtitle SRT

Brave is an American animated drama featuring Pixar’s first Disney princess: Merida. It is set in Medieval Scotland. Princess Merida wishes to navigate her own path in life by becoming her own person. But her mother Queen Elinor is persistent with the idea of her settling down and finding a right suitor. With the intention to change her mother’s thought Merida casts a wrong spell, that ends up transforming Queen Elinor into a bear. The movie follows a heartwarming yet realistic mother daughter relationship, as they try to understand their differences and try to undo the spell

Pride comes in the way of their relationship, which leaves them resenting on another. After almost losing one another and fighting against the world to protect each other, they realize the love they’ve always shared. This shared love evokes bravery and instils courage in them. Released in 2021, Brave is a heartwarming tale and stunning visuals

Movie NameBrave
Release Year2012
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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