Be with You (2018) English Subtitle SRT

Sooh-ah and Woo-jin were classmates in high school. They have always admired each other but never had the courage to admit their true feelings. They move away from each other to attend colleges in another states, but never forgot each other. Woo-jin works up the courage to finally ask Sooh-ah out one day. Every time they meet their love grows and they find comfort in one another. They transition from awkward highschoolers to couple sharing a blissful marriage.

Woo-jin works as a swimming coach in a nearby school and Sooh-ah works as a housewife. After giving birth to her soon she passes away shortly, promising him that she’ll come back during the rainy seasons. Woo-jin is a dutiful father and raises his son, he secretly anticipates for the rainy season every year hoping her beloved wife would come back one day. Miraculously she reappears before her husband and son without any memory of her previous life. She completes the family unit and falls in love with Woo-jin the second time. Sadly, their reunion is short-lived, and she must return to cloudland at the end of rainy season.

Be with you is a heartwarming Korean movie released in 2018. It showcases the true love of a mother for her child

Movie nameBe with you
Release year2018
Subtitle languageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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