July 19, 2024

Batman Begins (2005) English Subtitle Download

After his parent’s death Bruce learns the art of fighting with his mentors in Asia Henri Ducard and Ra’s Al Ghul, to confront injustice. When he returns to Gotham city he has to stop a secret society that wants to destroy the city.

The central theme of this movie is fear and how to overcome that where a man tries to overcome his fear by facing it and acquiring an identity from a thing he fears the most that is “Bat”. apart from this it is the first appearance of the comic character soo loved by the 90s kids allowing its fan-base to kill the box office with it.

Moreover, the total box office collection of this movie reached up-to  37.37 crores USD. Director Christopher Nolan did not expected such a great turnover however the comic books have created an already eager fan base looking out for the release of the movie. A sensitive side of Batman can also be seen while he gave his periscope to the kid to keep.

Movie Name Batman Begins
Released On17 June 2005
Duration2h 20m
Download Batman Begins (2005) English Subtitles

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