After Life (2019) English Subtitle SRT

After life is a British limited comedy drama series. It centers around the life of a man Tony who loses his wife due to breast cancer. Having his world turned upside down he cannot process his grief and turns suicidal. He is clueless about how to continue living after losing the person he spent half a decade with. As a result, he turns cynical and spends the rest of his life blaming the world by doing and saying whatever he pleases. This gives him power and acts as a coping mechanism for his grief temporarily. But everyone around him is sympathetic towards him and tries to change him into a better version.

After Life was released in 2019 is a limited series. The show portrays comedy set on the premise of grief with such brilliance. If dark humor is your forte, it is definitely a must watch for you.

Show NameAfter Life
Release Year2019
Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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