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This movie challenges the preset notions of love set by a multitude of rom coms, where it is often shown that persistence is inherently romantic. The protagonist’s extreme unwavering devotion and grand gestures are often mislabeled as charming and romantic and often this not-so-nice guy gets the girl in the end. 500 days of Summer shows the viewers the cold dose of love and deconstructs the fallacies of a rosy picture set up by mainstream media.

Our protagonist Tom is a hopeless romantic who believes in destiny and soulmate and is hooked on the idea of the “one.” Summer, on the other hand, is cynical about the idea of love and challenges it. Tom is immediately lovestruck at the idea of Summer but fails to see her complexities; for him Summer represents perfection, but perfection does not have any depth. His idolization of Summer is very little based on what’s real and he cannot overlook the role she plays in his life. This one-sided relationship is doomed, and he is heartbroken and completely distraught at her leaving.

This movie shows us Tom’s point of view and we are left knowing very little about Summer besides her superficial qualities. 500 days of summer shows us that there is a huge difference between expectations and the real outcomes in life

500 days of summer was released in 2009 and can be streamed on Disney Hot star. It is a timeless rom com with a twist.

Movie Name500 days of Summer
Release Year2009
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Subtitle LanguageEnglish
Author: Honey Ngangom

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